Charme relais near Parma

Welcome to Antico Borgo Tabiano Castello - Relais De Charme, where history meets hospitality in a charming Hotel di Charme diffuso. Discover the heart of Emilia, among the hills of Parma, where the past blends with the present in a place that enchants the senses.

History and Majesty: The Castle and the Medieval Village

Dating back to the 11th century and built on the ruins of a Roman settlement, Tabiano Castle was a military fortress of the Pallavicino marquises. Today, its imposing presence towers over the Borgo, offering a spectacle of majesty and history. Bastions, watchtowers and walls tell of a past of defenses and military strategies.

Panoramic View: Hills, Alps and Apennines

Located over 300 meters above sea level, the Borgo blends harmoniously into the hilly landscape. Enjoy unparalleled views from the hills to the peaks of the Alps and the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines. A breathtaking panorama that fades into the horizon, providing feelings of peace and beauty.

From Fortress to Charming Relais: Preserving Authenticity

From defensive fortress to agricultural center, Tabiano has been transformed with care and respect. Today it is a Relais di Charme that preserves the authenticity and charm of the past while offering modern comforts. A metamorphosis that has transformed a place of defense into an oasis of relaxation and beauty.

Charme relais near Salsomaggiore Terme

Environmental Sustainability: A Commitment to the Territory.

Underlying Tabiano Castello's philosophy is a strong commitment to environmental sustainability. Solar energy powers electricity and hot water, while heating comes from cleaning the woods, using wood-fired boilers and recovering old stoves and fireplaces. A marriage of past and present, where modernity goes hand in hand with tradition.

Book the charme relais for your stay near Parma in the heart of Emilia, in a place where history can be breathed at every step. Discover the magic of Tabiano Castello, between the walls of the Castle and the alleys of the Borgo. A unique experience that will give you authentic and unforgettable emotions.

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