The restaurant is located in the old dairy and cheese factory. Until a few years ago it has produced the king of cheeses for more than 200 years. The premises date back to the eighteenth century and have been adapted to the most modern techniques of late XIXs. It has always been the heart of the rural village, where every morning the milk produced in the surrounding countryside was transformed into butter and parmesan.

The carefully executed renovations of which have been the subject dairy and dairy have preserved all the original features, from the floors, the tiles, the windows painted blue to keep away the flies. Inside are a series of photos and tools for the processing of milk illustrating the process of realization of Parmigiano Reggiano. The place where there was the butter has been transformed into the kitchen. 

The dishes are made from local products and from our garden. The cuisine is typical of the best tradition of Emilia. You will also find a wide selection of quality winesfrom all regions of Italy. 

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